Okanagan CacheFest 2013


August 10, 2013Posted by CacheFest

Kelowna, British Columbia
Saturday August 10, 2013
8am - 7pm

Welcome to The Kelowna Geocaching Club's Third Annual Okanagan Cache Fest!! Everyone is invited to attend this free, fun filled, all-day event.

This page will be updated regularly so please check back often!


8:00am – 9:00am

The "meet & greet" portion of the event starts at 8:00am sharp, you will be given an opportunity to sign the event logbook. Bring your coffee and sit down with your fellow cachers, swap geocaching "war stories" or discuss the more devious caches out in the surrounding area. Remember to pick up your ticket to win a door prize!

There will be a trackable table setup. This table can be used to discover trackables that owner's have brought to the event. As well, you can trade trackables to help them to complete any missions.

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding GPSr accuracy of late on the Kelowna Geocaching Facebook page. When you arrive to the event, your will be given a flag and a set of coordinates to a "hidden point", your job will be to plant your flag closest to the hidden point. Please bring your smart phone as well and test it's accuracy. The person with the flag closest to the "hidden point" will be announced and given a prize.

The "meet & greet" portion of the event will end at 9:00am with a group photo. At which time, you are welcome to cache the rest of the day or do something else At this time, you can pick up a cache booklet or get your GPSr loaded with any related caches.


Pose for a photo (PLEASE don’t leave early!!) There will be a something special for those who are patient! Whistle start, and you’re off to go Geocaching and explore the area!

6:00pm - 7:00pm

The wrap up event starts at 6:00pm and is optional to attend. At the wrap-up, meet with your fellow cachers, swap stories about the day's activities. At this time, we will be announcing any door prize winners. Note: to be eligible for any door prize you must attend both the "meet & greet" and "wrap-up" events.

At 7:00pm, the wrap up will end with another group photo.


We will also be hosting a CITO event.

Garbage bags will be provided at ground zero for this event and you are to take a walk around the park (trails, soccer field, lacrosse rink, tennis courts and surrounding hedges) and adjacent roads to pick up any garbage you come across. To receive your smilie associated with this event, you must participate in the cleaning of this park and surrounding area.

Optional: During the morning Meet & Greet, you will also be given garbage bags and be asked to pick up any trash you encounter while caching through out the day.

Last year, we had a substantial impact on our community by picking up a truckload of trash!!

Watering Hole and Coin Discovery BBQ

As part of the festivities, there will be a BBQ at Lambly Lake Recreation site. Stop by for a hot dog and discover some trackables and geocoins. For more details, visit GC4GCGY


There are many great places to stay in the Kelowna area. Check out the Tourism Kelowna website for more information.

Geocaching Addiction


July 17, 2011Posted by Kerry

A short video showing why we want to host this event.